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P- ISSN:2222-8373, E-ISSN:2518-9255

Volume 13, Issue 3, Part 2 , July. 2017


Study the Matrix Elements of Pre – Equilibrium Nuclear Reactions


Omar Ahamed Muaffaq


Year: 2017, Volume: 13, Issue: 3, Part: 2


Pages: 40-46, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24237/djps.1303.281A 


Language: English


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The matrix element have the main role in the transition rates of nuclear reactions. In the present work, different formulae of matrix elements for pre – equilibrium nuclear reactions have been tested wide ranges of energy, which ranged from 0 to 200 MeV. It's found that the two recent formulae of Koning with and without asymptotic value deviate at high energy with old one that was suggested by Kalbach. The differential cross section was calculated using these formulae and comparison between them and with available experimental were made. This comparison showed a good agreement between the studied matrix formulae and the experimental formulae.


Keyword: Matrix element, pre –Equilibrium, Nuclear Reactions the cross-Section, Kalbach and Koning Formulas

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