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P- ISSN:2222-8373, E-ISSN:2518-9255

Volume 13, Issue 3, Part 2 , July. 2017


Bacteriological Study of Escherichia coli Isolated from Different Infections in Diyala


  Eman  Abass Ali ,   Ibtihal Hameed Mohsin ,  Izdehar M. Jasim


Year: 2017, Volume: 13, Issue: 3, Part: 2


Pages: 249-261, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24237/djps.1303.315C  


Language: English


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 The goal of present study was to Isola and Identifi--cation of "Escherichia coli" from different Infections and detection the sensitivity and resistance of Ecoli to antimicrobials Additionally detection of virulence factors  . This study was conducted from the period from 1 / 6 / 2016 to 1/ 9 / 2016 in Baquba city in Iraq.. It included; Fiftin samples were collected from different infections  from Baquba General Hospital and AL-Batool  Hospital. Twenty isolates were found to be Escherichia coli .The susceptibility test was applied on these isolates against deferent antibiotics. The results revealed that the highest resistances were for Piperacilline(93.3%) and highest Sensitive Imipenem  with 100%, While the lowest resistance were for Tobramycin (9%) . Moreover the results of virulence factors that had E. coli showed possession of all isolates many virulence factors and a high production of which increases the pathoginicity of it. All isolates were unable to produce urease and gelatinase, but heamolycin (35%) . As well as, Tow isolate (10%) were able to production Extended Spectrumβ-Lactamases enzyme. Furthermore, four isolate (20%) were able to production metalloβ-Lactamases Finally, six isolate(30%) were able to production Bacteriocin.

Conclusion: E. coli isolates highest resistances were for Piperacilline and highest Sensitive Imipenem  with 100%, While the lowest resistance were for Tobramycin . additionally some of isolates production Extended Spectrumβ-Lactamases enzyme, metallo β-Lactamases and Bacteriocin.


Keywards: Escherichia coli , Extended Spectrumβ-Lactamases, Metallo β-Lactamases,Bacteriocin , Antibiotics

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