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P- ISSN:2222-8373, E-ISSN:2518-9255

Volume 15, Issue 4 , October . 2019




Spectrophotometric Determination of Sulfanilamide in Pure and Synthetic Sample by New Derivative from Pyrazoline Derived from 2, 4 – Dinitro Phenyl Hydrazine


Gassim M. K. AL – Garagoly, Asmaa A. M. AL – Rashidy , Khalid A. AL – Badrany


Year: 2019, Volume: 15, Issue: 4


Pages: 15-31 , DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24237/djps.15.04.493C



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Simply, sensitive and accurate spectrophotometric methods have been improved for the determination of sulfanilamide (SNA) drug in pure and synthetic sample. This method is based on the reaction of sulfanilamide (SNA) with new organic reagent (BYN) it was prepared by reaction between ethyl acetoacetate with 2, 4-Dinitrophenylhydrazine. The azo dye product shows absorption maximum at 435 nm. The linearity ranges of sulfanilamide are (2 – 20 μg. mL-1) with molar absorptivity (7671.2 L.mol-1.cm-1), Sandell's sensitivity index (0.0224 μg.cm-2), detection limit and Quantification limit (0.1598, 0.4843 μg / ml) respectively. The results showed there are no interferences of excipients on the determination of the drug. The proposed method has been successfully applied for the determination of sulfanilamide in pure and in synthetic sample.


Keyword: sulfanilamide, spectrophotometric, Pyrazoline, azo dye.

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