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Volume 18, Issue 1 , January  2022




Study of the Gene Expression of aacC1 Gene in Acinetobacter  baumannii that Responsible for Aminoglycoside Resistance


Rana Mujahd Abdullah and Arkan Adnan Mahdi


Year: 2022, Volume: 18, Issue 1


Pages: 32 - 46 , DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24237/djps.1801.570B


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Acinetobacter baumannii carries modifying enzymes, are resistant to many broad-spectrum antibiotic, including: - Amikacin, Tobramycin and Gentamycin (Aminoglycoside), the genes that encode the Aminoglycosides enzymes was aadA1 and aacC1 genes confer resistance to anti-group aminoglycoside.

Two Hundred clinical  samples  were collected  from different  sources of infection included (50 sample of  blood, 55 sample of  sputum, 50 samples of  Urine  ,  10 samples  of wound, 10 samples of  burn ,10 samples of  throat swab and 15 samples of body fluid from plural infusion).

Clinical samples were cultured in different media, Blood agar, MacConkey agar and CHROM agar and incubated at 37°C for 24–48 h. for diagnosis used biochemical tests including (oxidase and catalase) and microscopic examination, for final detection using Vitik2 compact system and API 20E . After identification we obtained 40 isolates  of Acinetobacter baumannii, including 14 isolates  from blood (35%) , 15 isolates from sputum (38%) , 4 isolates from wound infection (10%) , 4 isolates from Urine (10%) , only one isolate from Throat swabs, Burn and plural effusion fluid (2.5%)

Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations detection to antibiotic. All isolates displayed resistant to Ticarcycllin 55%, Pipracillin / Tazobactam 55%, Trimethoprim 52.5%, Ticarciliin / Clavulanic acid 52%, Ceftazidim 52%, Cefipim52% , Imipinem 52%,  Ciprofloxacin 52% , Gentamycin 40% , pipracillin 37% , Meropinem 37% , Colistin 15 % , Tobramycin 10% , Minocycline 5%.

Genotypic detection of aacC1gene using polymerase chain reaction (PCR). The results was appeared all isolates (20) have aacC1 gene in percentage (100%) with molecular weight 465 base pair. Gene expression detection for aacC1gene by using Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). The results of gene expression for aacC1gene was increasing when the isolate was treated by gentamycin antibiotic in concentration 1.2 µl/ ml.

Acinetobacter baumannii has aacC1 resistance gene in (100%). The results also showed that there was an increase in the gene expression of aacC1 gene after treatment with Gentamycin.


Key words: Gene expression, aacC1gene, Aminoglycoside.





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