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Volume 18, Issue 1 , January  2022




Some Results of Cubic Family of Pseudo Differential Operators


Fatima Yaseen Taha and Fatima Mohammed Aboud


Year: 2022, Volume: 18, Issue 1


Pages: 47 - 60 , DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.24237/djps.1801.571B


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In this paper, we recall the results related to the quadratic family of pseudo-differential operators, and we gave similar results for to the cubic family of pseudo-differential operators, also we benefited from the facilities obtained by using the pseudo-differential operators.  We define the pseudo-differential operator on Rn by using some particular kind of functions known as symbol with some examples. At the end, we explain the hypotheses on the class of symbols and minimal decreasing ray to prove the existence of a total system of eigenvectors.


Keywords: Pseudo differential operator, nonlinear eigenvalue problem, class of Schatten, Minimal decreasing ray, total system of eigenvectors.









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